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As a husband and a father, my family always comes first. I know the same is true for my clients. That's why I am so dedicated to fighting for what's right for children and families.

When I was young, I learned about legal slavery, segregation, and American internment camps, and was moved to the core to fight against injustice. Seeing how many people have been wrongfully accused, convicted and executed based on their race and socioeconomic status, made me want to become a trial lawyer and serve as a public defender to help bring change.

After graduating from Georgetown Law and passing the bar in Nevada and California, I did just that. I took additional training at the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College to hone my communication skills in front of juries. While I loved fighting social injustice, ultimately, I made my way to the private sector where I continue to help people with their causes in my community.

A native Californian, I was born and raised in San Jose, went to junior college in Visalia, and graduated from the University of Southern
California. Today, I live in California with my wife, Dee Anna, and our amazingsix-year-oldson. Whennotincourt,youcanfindmecoachingthe mock trial team at Laguna Middle School or my son's Friday Night Lights team, surfing at Shell Beach, or watching my beloved Trojans. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association.

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